Our Passion


   Our passion is cooking our gourmet Neapolitan style thin-crust pizzas at wedding rehearsals, wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, block parties, religious festivals, farmers markets and private dinners. We love bringing our unique mobile wood fired oven all over Whatcom County and beyond. Burning local maple and organic fruitwoods we fire our oven to 900 degrees. At that temperature our pizzas cook in about 90 seconds! We can produce a fresh, hot, delicious pizza just about every 30 seconds for the duration of your event. What can we cook for you?





Our Philosophy


   We believe in making food that is as healthy as it is delicious by supporting local organic farmers and local producers. We make our dough from a mixture of three kinds of locally-milled organic  wheat, then cold-ferment it for at least 24 hours. We blend our own sauces and cheeses and source as many local, organic toppings as possible. We work with Terra Verde Farm, Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Spring Frog Farm, Bow Hill Blueberries, NW Gourmet Harvest, Rabbit Fields Farm, Cascadia Mushrooms, Broadleaf Farm, Springtime Farm, Hempler's Meats and other local producers.





Our Prices


   Our package prices start at $16/person for an unlimited all cheese pizza buffet. Kids younger than 6 years old eat for free up to ten % of the group. Our all-you-can-eat pizza buffet can quickly feed groups from 30 to 300. Our prices include compostable plates, napkins and flatware. Before we leave your event we make and cook another round of pizzas and leave them behind in tasteful pizza boxes so you and your guests can keep noshing even after we've gone. We also offer Caesar salad, Caprese salad skewers, asparagus prosciutto rollups, jalapeño pepper poppers and ice-cold imported Italian soft drinks. Whatever your budget, we can put together a feast that you and your guests will long remember. We bring the restaurant to you!







Sausage pizza

We use locally produced Hemplers sausages in all our sausage pizzas!