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Food Is Love



A lifelong lover of good thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizza cooked at high temperatures, I built my first wood-fired pizza oven in the backyard of our house in Portland, OR in 2000. Our pizza parties were a big hit with all our friends and neighbors. I remember telling my wife how much I'd love to put our oven on a trailer and drive it around to parks and beaches and other peoples' homes cooking anywhere we wanted. Our son Gus was born a few years later, life brought us to Bellingham, WA, and after a few years of making regular pizza in a conventional kitchen oven I began to again dream of a mobile wood-fired pizza oven. So we commissioned one, an old-fashioned oven made from refractory mortar and firebrick, mounted on a custom-built trailer. We named the business after our nickname for our son, a pizza-loving boy himself, and delight in taking Gusto Wood Fired Pizza all over Washington state cooking the best pizza you'll ever eat. You can find us at the Bellingham Farmers' Market every Saturday from April through December. Besides cooking at the market, we make pizza at wedding rehearsals, receptions, parties, corporate events, religious festivals, family reunions and private parties. In our family we have a saying: "food is love."


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Lindsay and Zach Meyer, Pizzaiolos

Gusto Wood Fired Pizza Catering

Lake Stevens, WA





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Address 9210 Market Place H103, Lake Stevens, WA 98258     Email Lindsay@gustowoodfiredpizza.com    Tel 425-931-4306